Improve and develop teacher behaviors by bringing Byte-Sized changes.

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About Project RISE

Project RISE is about improving Teaching Standards.

If you have ever conducted a teacher observation, you know how hard it is to collect all data without missing a single point. Not to mention the teacher feedback process and all the paperwork that you do related to it.

Worry no more. Project RISE is the single most effective digital tool for streamlining and improving the teacher evaluation process. Measuring teacher skills is as easy as answering a multiple choice based question. And giving feedback is even more simpler. Teachers can be notified about their performance report from their mobile app or via email.

Your teachers will love using the platform, as the app will motivate them to work on their weak skills. And finally, dashboard your entire school and have an overview where you need to focus your efforts. Get RISE today!

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  • Measure Teacher Skills

    Measure teacher skills by answering simple multiple choice based questions.

  • Dashboard Your School

    Dashboard your school and have an overview of the skill level in your institution.

  • Make Superstar Teachers

    RISE gives you a platform to give feedback and clear goals to help your teachers attain superstar status.

  • Track Teacher Development

    Track your teacher's development all the way from Rookie to Mastery Level.

  • Easy & Simple Access

    Access your data across multiple devices and send teacher observation and feedback directly from the app.

  • Rise up to a New Standard

    Raise the bar of teaching at your institution. One small Delta at a time.

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