Twelve Months of Project RISE

From Inception to
Winner of World Education Awards 2015

June 2014 to May 2015

Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.

Joyce Meyer

Back in June 2014, we started a project at St. Willibrords International School to improve and develop our teacher training system.

We saw a problem with teacher training & evaluation, we knew it could be solved. We knew it could assist the teachers in developing new skillsets.

Here’s what happened...

JUNE 2014

Project RISE is born.

We broke down the teacher training system into smaller easily achievable goals. We called them a Delta.

JULY 2014

Running the Pilot.

We selected the first batch of teachers for "RISE". They were trained on the first set of Deltas. Based on certain parameters, they were assessed - their shortcomings were explained and so were the ways to improve them. The first set of Deltas were developed for the pilot batch.


Drawing up the Frameworks.

Based on feedbacks from the teachers and the school leaders, we drew up a structured framework for the Deltas.


Introduced 2 more Deltas to the Project.

We added two more Deltas to the system bringing the total to 4.


Creating Delta Kits.

Formulated a Delta-Kit for teachers and school leaders that consisted of videos, powerpoint presentations and handouts.


Introducing Peer Observation.

We selected a couple of teachers for the 'Core Team' and we trained them for peer-observations.


Encountering Challenges.

Since the observations were being done on paper, we accumulated a pile of paperwork. Tracking teacher progress over a period of time became difficult. The entire process of data collection and analysis was becoming tedious over a period of time.


Kicking-Off App Development.

We hatched a plan with the school's app team to simplify the whole process of data collection and analysis. We kicked-off the process of developing the prototype.

MARCH 2015

Super fast prototyping.

Boom! An early prototype of the website and app were met with positive reviews. We knew we were on to something...

APRIL 2015

Setting Goals for the Next Year.

With the new academic year on the horizon, we were determined to build up on the successes of the first year. We set the goals and build new deltas for the next academic year.

MAY 2015

Over the 12 months of Project RISE, it has been a privilege to share our love of education. A year end survey was conducted with the teachers who were part of RISE and the results quite surprised us.

Here’s what we learned.

"Project RISE was exciting!"

Ronisusan Jacob

As a teacher, I now know where I need to put my efforts on. Its such a great thing to have feedbacks right on my mobile app!

Beena Menon

Now it is easier for me to easily track the progress of my teachers. How they are doing currently, and how I can focus on their strong and weak skills.

Sneha Dsouza

It’s such a great app. It has made my classroom observations so much easier!

Project RISE redefined our entire teacher training and coaching system in ways we could not have imagined.

To name just a few...

Zaiba Shaikh aced classroom planning and her lessons now lead to great learning for her children.

Pushpanjali Sawan aced classroom behavior management and now ensures Every Second Learning.

Loretta Lobo aced the art of a great inclusive classroom and makes every child feel positive.

Dhara Dave, Preeti Sharma & Shabina Shaikh aced the art of having high student engagement levels in their classrooms...

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